Kelly Pierce

|Kelly Pierce

Based on popular images and ideas, Kelly creates collage sketch-books, paintings and prints, in all types of media, including found objects. Subjects are random source images gathered from the streets, trash cans, dumpsters; anywhere the detritus of pop culture lives. Kelly layers imagery with references to pop culture instilled with a gritty realism. This is achieved by using various techniques of collage, oil & acrylic paint, spray paint & stencils and silkscreen. Embracing the unpredictable and accidental, Kelly uses found materials in his work such as: foreign wall poster scraps, old comic books, vintage found objects & lettering, fireworks packaging, etc. These materials are acquired through world travel, flea market scavenging and image gathering road trips and act as an inspiration and a starting point for creating unique paintings. Illustration clients include Frito Lay, Nike, and Coors Brewing Company.