Greg Lamb

|Greg Lamb

A Mass College of Art graduate in 1988, Greg started shopping his book around Boston that summer. Early illustrations in his career were fostered by his ability to imitate famous illustrator's styles for illustrations used in a series of ancillary print media - particularly in the 1992 Scholastic Middle School Reading Series which won industry awards for its exciting and engaging artwork. He enjoyed a great opportunity to establish the direction of the illustration style for AT&T Business Network in 1996. In overseeing this process, he personally created about 1,200 of the final illustrations that appeared on the site. He enjoyed creative freedom while producing tradeshow graphics for ICAASP tradeshows for vendors like IBM and Ibis Systems. Additional clients include Analog Devices, Microcom, Prentice Hall, Brown Publishing, Scholastic, Boston Museum of Science and Somerville Journal. He utilizes both traditional and digital media to execute images to support editorial, advertising or marketing needs. He currently lives in Massachusetts with his family.